Create better Google Ads campaigns - in less time

The CampaignCloner works with Google Ads Editor to help you analyze, create, and manage higher performing campaigns.

One engine that powers three key functions

Import/export directly from Editor. Built in city and zip code files. Simple, clear interface.

Campaign Analyzer

Powerful and insightful views of one campaign or 

an entire Ads account.

Ads QuickStart

Wizard that can take you through all the steps to getting on Google Ads in under an hour.

Clone Builder

Create entire sets of campaigns customized for each city, zip code, state, or county.

Create separate campaigns for each market

  • Built in files of cities, states, zips and counties

  • Standard Excel spreadsheet interface

  • User variables to customize for each market

Design and test complete sets of campaigns together

  • Ad and keyword "templates" simplify design

  • Simulator for ads, extensions, and landing pages

  • Complete URL and landing page testing

Load and update completed campaigns in production

  • Editor compatible files for error-free updates

  • Add, delete, modify markets by performance

  • Real time updates replace "build schedule"

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