Ads QuickStart

A web application for designing campaigns and interfacing with Editor

How Ads QuickStart Works: 4 Easy Steps

Choose your settings and locations using our simple interface.

Create your keyword lists and expanded text ads in no time using our simple guides.

Review your complete campaigns and view

you ads as they will appear on Google.


One button creates your Editor

compatible file (ECF) for export and load.

Use QuickStart to get customers with Google Ads Search

in just minutes

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QuickStart stores your Google Ads information in a project, which provides a number of benefits:

  • Your information is now re-usable, visual, and ready for Editor

  • You can get started with one very focused campaign in one location

  • You can expand the project to handle other locations in minutes

  • You can quickly add new adgroups by cloning and modifying

  • You can grow your account systematically and profitably