Google Ads QuickStart


- by CampaignCloner

Use QuickStart to get customers with Google Ads Search

in just minutes

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The QuickStart interface

 turns the tough parts of using Google Ads into simple inputs.


The QuickStart creates high performing campaigns for each city (or zip code) in your marketplace.

The QuickStart comes ready with six project examples that makes is easy to get started.

QuickStart has six features to help you get customers:

1. Project Settings: QuickStart helps you control your campaigns.

      Control when your campaigns run, on what devices, with/without your phone number, and how

      much you want to spend. In a clear interface that is easy to use.

2. Market Locations: QuickStart lets you target specific locations.

      Identify the precise cities (or zip codes) you are targeting so you don't waste clicks. Test out

      your project in one market, then scale to 100 markets, In minutes.

3. Keyword Input: QuickStart helps you create keywords that drive business.

      Manage one set of keywords/negative keywords that is automatically customized for each location.

      Keywords are set to "broad match modifier" for the most precise matching. 


4. Ads/Extensions: QuickStart helps you design ads that attract real buyers.

      Run from one to four Expanded Text Ads (with phone and callout extensions) customized for each

      location. Use labels to track ad performance across markets. 


5. Simulate/Review: QuickStart provides a clear view of your campaigns.

      Review all the record types that make up your project's campaigns and make corrections right in

      the QuickStart. In seconds.


6. Build/Export: QuickStart transfers your campaigns into production.

      Build a complete output file containing all your project information - ready to import into Google

      Ads Editor - In seconds. No manual effort and no errors.