Create thousands of Google Ads campaigns - in under 1 hour

Use the CampaignCloner with Google Ads Editor to

create customized campaigns for each city or zip code.

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To use the CampaignCloner in production

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Create separate campaigns for each market

  • Built in files of cities, states, zips and counties

  • Standard Excel spreadsheet interface

  • User variables to customize for each market

Design and test complete sets of campaigns together

  • Ad and keyword "templates" simplify design

  • Simulator for ads, extensions, and landing pages

  • Complete URL and landing page testing

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Load and update completed campaigns in production

  • Editor compatible files for error-free updates

  • Add, delete, modify markets by performance

  • Real time updates replace "build schedule"

One engine that powers three key functions

Import/export directly from Editor. Built in city and zip code files. Simple, clear interface.

Campaign Analyzer

Powerful and insightful views of one campaign of 

an entire Ads account.

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Ads QuickStart

Wizard that can take you through all the steps to getting on Google Ads in under an hour.

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Clone Builder

Create entire sets of campaigns customized for each city, zip code, state, or county.

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What People Say

Jeff A.

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Demitri S.

I've got a very complex SourceCampaign that the CampaignCloner was able to clone for 100 city markets.  They helped me create a custom TargetMarkets file for my application in one hour.  They saved me hundreds of hours of effort from doing this with spreadsheets and Editor.

Todd B.

Thanks to the CampaignCloner, I was able to create 30 city-specific campaigns for a law firm in a VERY competitive legal space.  I was able to create those campaigns and load them into the production account, in less than one day - with no mistakes."  Probably saved me a month of work.